‘Rupture’ (Autumn 2015)


This issue covers Scumoween 2015, Kobane resistance, Fuck Parade, UK Teknival, Stealth Postage, poetry, fiction, reviews, and more.


‘Rupture’ (Autumn 2015)

A5 Booklet

Long-running print and digital zine. This issue covers Scum Like Us? – overview of events surrounding Scumoween 2015, In Defence of the Scum – personal attempt to refute arguments against Scum parties, Syrian Subotnik – journal/anecdote from the Kobane resistance, Fuck Fuck Fuck, subject immaterial – the Fuck Parade series of events, 23 Weeks Later – UK Teknival fallout update, Stealth Postage – mailing illicit items, Poetry – Migrant Crisis, Stripped, Tidsoptimist – people who struggle to be punctual, Meat for the Masses – fiction, Review – Angeniet Berkers’ 15m² of Freedom photo-book, and listings.