325 – Hardcore global activism and anarchism. | Visit site

COBBLE BOOKS – Radical publisher and distro, based in Brighton, UK. | Visit site

DATACIDE – Magazine from the Praxis label and friends, covering art, music and anarchism. | Visit site

DISSIDENT REALITY – Fear Control’s sister site, a webzine and shop featuring a shedload of info and opinion, including texts from Fear Control and friends. | Visit site

FERAL HOUSE – Controversial American publisher Adam Parfrey’s excellent imprint, focusing on the darker end of the spectrum. | Visit site

HEADPRESS – Established in 1990, “gospel according to unpopular culture”, publisher, and distributor from the UK. | Visit site

RE/SEARCH – Founded in America in 1977, RE/search deserves serious respect, publishing and documenting folk such as William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Fakir Musafar, Bob Flanagan, Penny Rimbaud, Lydia Lunch, and George Kuchar! | Visit site

RUPTURE – Long-running irregular London party scene/info zine. | Visit site

SCHNEWS – Sorely missed Brighton-based info-sheet, reporting since 1994 on activism, civil rights, globalisation and more. | Visit site

STRANGE ATTRACTOR – Started in 2001, this London-based publisher and promoter covers a whole slew of weirdness, including republishing previously hard to find texts in lovingly expanded versions. | Visit site

STRIKE! – London-based newspaper covering politics, art subversion, etc. | Visit site