Ketamine Survey

We’re currently researching for a book and possible documentary project on ketamine.

If you are or have been a ketamine user, please contribute by completing this confidential online survey. Please answer truthfully, and feel free to leave out any questions that you are not comfortable with.

If you want to include any extra information, opinions or anecdotal evidence that you feel will help us, you can upload a Word-compatible document using the box at the end of the survey.


1. What sex are you?

2. How old are you?

3. Which city or town do you live in?

4. Which county, state, or province do you live in?

5. Which country do you live in?

Drug Use

1. At what age did you first use drugs for recreation?

2. What other drugs have you taken for pleasure?

3. What, if any, drugs do you take for pleasure at the present time?

4. Have you ever used any of the following drugs for recreational purposes?
Dextromorphan/ DXMMethoxetamine / MXENitrous Oxide/ N2OPhenecyclidine/ PCPTiletamine

Ketamine Use

1. At what age did you begin to use ketamine?

2. How do you take ketamine?
Snorting/ insufflationIntravenously/ I.V.Intramuscularly/ I.M.OrallyRectally

3. Where do you usually take k?
A friend's houseAt homeClub or other licensed/ legal venueIllegal rave/ Squat partyOutside in natureOther

4. How often do you take ketamine, and in what amounts? Please select the nearest applicable option.

5. Roughly how much ketamine do you consume every month? Please select the nearest applicable option, e.g. if you only take 1g a year, divide by twelve for answer.
Less than 1g1-5g5-10g10-15g15-20g20-25g25-30g35-40g40-45g45-50g50-60g60-70g70+g

5. Have you found that you have developed a tolerance with repeated use?

6. What other drugs have you used in combination with ketamine?
2c-(x) familyAmphetamineCannabisCocaineCrack/ Freebase cocaineDextromorphan/ DXMDMTHeroinLSDMephedroneMescalineMethamphetamineMethoxetamine / MXENitrous oxide/ Laughing gasOpiumOther opiatesPhencyclidine/ PCPPsilocybin/ Magic mushroomsSalvia DivinorumTiletamineOther

7. How long do you think that you will carry on using ketamine?

8. What do you feel are the benefits of use?

9. What do you think are the negative effects of use?

Sources and Pricing

1. How easy is it for you to obtain ketamine on the black market?
I could get some within one hourI could get some within one dayI could get some within one weekI could get some within one monthI could get some within three monthsI could get some within one year

2. How much do you pay for one gram of ketamine?

3. How much do you pay for one 'litre' (50 grammes) of ketamine?

4. How do you obtain your supply of ketamine?
A friendDrug dealers (local)Drug dealers (at events)Online (clearnet sources)Online (Dark web sources)Prescription for medical reasonsStolen medical or veterinary suppliesThrough the mail from China (personal contact)Through the mail from India (personal contact)Other


1. Do you think that the government in your country provides unbiased and accurate information about ketamine?

2. Do you feel that the laws in your country relating to ketamine are fair and proportional?


1. Have you ever suffered any of these health problems because of your use of ketamine?
DepressionK crampsBladder problemsUrinary infectionsMood swingsPsychosisOther

2. Do you feel that you have (or have ever had) a psychological dependence on ketamine?

3. Have you ever self-medicated with ketamine (e.g. for depression)?
Yes, seemed to workYes, no noticeable changeYes, negative effectsNo

4. Do you feel that public health services in your country are well informed and capable of dealing with issues relating to ketamine use?

5. Do you think that drug dependency agencies in your country are properly prepared for helping habitual ketamine users?

Ketamine Geeks

1. Do you know what brands of ketamine you consume? Please list if so.

2. Do you know which country the ketamine that you consume originates from?

3. What kind of drug is ketamine?

4. How many types of ketamine are you aware of? Please list.

5. Are you aware of the differences between the ketamine isomers (S+, S-, R+, and R-)?

6. Are you aware that some brands of ketamine also contain anticholinergics, and that these may add to the effects of the drug, or be harmful to humans?


1. Would you say that use of the drug has affected your belief system/ view of reality? If so, in what way?

2. How would you describe your experiences with k overall?

3. Please list any slang names that you know for ketamine or k users.

4. How do you cook?
AirdryIn a Teflon-coated pan on a hob/hotplateIn another vessel on a hob/ hotplateIn a microwave

5. Overall, do you think that using ketamine has affected your life overall a) positively, b) negatively or c) neutrally? Explanations welcome.

6. If you wish to upload a Word document containing anything further you feel relevant, please do so.

7. If you want to be kept informed of the project's progress, please enter your email here.